Monday, 23 January 2012

Coming soon...

Hey all! Sorry for the radio silence, I have been very busy offline trying to organise my job life. I am pleased to say I have several books in the post which I should have by this week, along with some ebooks sent it from authors. Unfortunately since I dont have an e-reader, these titles are long overdue as I have to read from my iPhone and a computer, which I share with my little brother (yes, a video gaming engineering student who does not like to share).

Along with the reviews, I have several Austen sequels that should have been posted during Austen Week and a giveaway. So I don't run you all over with Austen novels and can make the giveaway more fun, I will be putting that on hold for the time being.

While I get into reading mode, I leave you all with an image of my companion... the pavlova cake my mum made last night. Nom nom!

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