About Me

I love to travel. No matter where in the world I am I always have a great book with me. I have lived in several countries and try to read books in multiple languages... sometimes I am forced to use a dictionary.
My goal is to fill an old fashioned library in my house with the greatest collection of stories. I read all books; YA, Chicklit, Travel, History, Classics, Science, Art and Architecture... although I have no problem in trying everything else.
My family chip in from time to time, so you may also notice some random reviews on science, comics, biographies and quirky stories.
I have a background in Social Media, Publishing and Advertising and have decided to use this blog as a way to review my passion for books.
If you have any suggestions, questions or wish to get in touch you can reach me at: abookfromsnowyriver[at]gmail[dot]com