Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Book Tagged

I got really excited the other day when Steph at Steph's Stacks tagged me. Takes me back to playground fun when you chase the other kids and tag them and they run around chasing other kids with you. Its an exhilarating game.

The idea is, you answer ten questions from the person that tagged you and pass your own new questions onto ten other book bloggers. On to Steph's questions!

1. What was the last book you've read that you couldn't put down?

I tend to only read books I know I can't put down. The last one I really got into was Angel Fire. It is the second book in the Angel trilogy by L.A Weatherly. Its a story about Angels, Half-Angels and AKs (Angel Killers). It is brilliantly written and very intense. The whole story is basically about a Half-Angel and an AK who battle against the odds to be together. I don't want to spoil it, but it's not a sappy teen Angel romance read, its pretty mature and exciting, full of drama and action.

2. How do you find time to post, network and keep up with your reading?

Thats a tough one. When I first started I had plenty of time to read, post reviews, random news and network with other bloggers. Then life kicked in and slowed things down for a while. I think it just comes down to reading in free time. I don't believe in stressing out to get a review a day because honestly I don't like to rush through a book... unless its so amazing that I can't stop!

3. What memes do you participate in?

I'm not a big meme participant, but I have been thinking of doing more this year. From time to time I do the Weekly Book Blog Hop, Wobble over Wednesday and Follow Friday. I have been meaning to pick up some new fun ones, such as the cover art memes and film adaptations, so if you know a good one, let me know!

4. Do you have any favorite book blogging networks you use to meet other bloggers or stay up to date on the latest trends?

I use Blogaholic Social Network and Book Blogs. It is a great way to meet book bloggers of all sorts, find out about giveaways, give design advice, see new reviews and hear about new memes, websites and blog hops. I also love Goodreads, it has been a great site for me to get book recommendations and chat with authors and bloggers.

5. What book (being released this year) are you anticipating the most?

Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick without a doubt! I have been a massive fan of the series from the start and think Becca is an amazing writer. It is due to come out in the fall this year and is the final book in the series! These are one of those YA books with a complicated teen love story meets fallen angels. Claire at Project TBR will understand me on this one.

6. What is your favourite book to movie adaptation? Least fave?

Difficult question, I love so many... including Harry Potter, how can you not love the films! But I have to go with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen as I am obsessed with it. I have the book and every single film adaptation of the book and am proud of it!

Least favourite off the top of my head, while I love the Harry Potter series, I really did not like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. The problem with dividing a book into two films is something always gets lost or one part is simply boring! Just as part 1 was getting exciting, it ended! Through the whole film, I saw people falling asleep and walking out. My least favourite of the series.

7. How did you come up with your blog's design? Any websites, designers or tips for newbies?

My design is always changing as I am trying to get to a style that is perfect. It is based on one of my favourite poems from 1890, The Man from Snowy River by A.B Paterson, an Australian poet.
From this, my entire theme is based on snow, winter and rivers. My favourite things! For now I have been using the generic styles from blogger and adapting the colours and fonts to my taste. I have created my own header, buttons and artwork though, all of which I do in illustrator. In the beginning, I had a bit of help from the amazing Steph who gave me tips for creating buttons online.
For newbies, I recommend using Photobucket to store the images you use for your blog. There are several sites and designers you can use, but I am not familiar with which works best. If you do need help making buttons though, I am more than happy to help anyone out. If you are starting out, the one thing you have to keep in mind is to stick with something that represents your personality. Don't try copy someone elses blog just because it looks good.

8. Speaking of newbies... what is the one tip you would give to a new book blogger?

Network! Find a mentor, a blogger with a bit of experience to teach you the ropes. If you find the right person, they can lead you to the right sites to design your blog, tell you what not to do and keep you engaged with the blogging world.

9. What social networking site do you find is bringing you the most interaction with your readership?

Twitter seems to bring the best interaction with readers and even authors. You can share your posts, tweet with followers, find new blogs and giveaways, engage with publishers to find out what new books are coming out and chat with your favourite authors. I was tweeted several times by my favourite authors and It was very exciting!

10. How prepared do you think you are for the Zombie Apocalypse? Or the apocalypse of your choice :)

I'd say half way there. I have my exit strategies for my house prepared, baseball bats at the ready and a pretty decent fake zombie walk. As I played sports my whole life, I have a pretty good swing and kick, could battle my way around, but the only difficult part is living in such a huge populated city means far too many people to get past. Wish me luck!

My Questions:

1. How did you choose the name for your blog?
2. If you could be a character in any book, who would you be and why?
3. Ever since you started blogging, have you met any authors of your favourite books?
4. What is your favourite cover art for a book you have seen?
5. Do you have a strict blogging schedule or are you more relaxed? (eg. post 1 review a day, do a weekly meme etc)
6. Is there a book you would love to have a sequel?
7. What is your favourite book to tv series adaptation?
8. Everyone likes to shop for books differently, do you buy online or spend hours in a bookstore or library?
9. Do you prefer reading paperbacks or ebooks?
10. If you had to write a novel featuring yourself, what kind of character would you play? (eg. leading lady, sidekick, evil villian etc)

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  1. nice answers

    Stealing Books

  2. Awesome-sauce! I'm going to have to check out Angel Fire. I agree with you about The Deathly Hallows 1. I was ready for them to stop camping already and get on with it. Part 2 was great though. I'm with you on Pride and Prejudice. I love every version!

    I love your point about authors and Twitter. I had Marie Lu reply to me right after Legend was released and I was so excited because I loved her book so much!

    I've got to work on my Zombie walk! Right now it's still more like a sashay :)

    Thanks for playing along. I'm glad you had fun!

    1. Omg i totally forgot about the camping! I think all camping scenes get exhausting, just look at twilight,lol.

      Hahaha Zombie sashay! As long as they dont know your alive, maybe add a drool or odd sounds every few minutes :P

  3. Thanks for the Tag!
    Here's my post in turn:

    Hadn't heard of it before but am checking out the Angel trilogy right away... Also, I think its not just the Deathly Hallows - Did not like any of the movies after POA. Maybe because they had to skip out so many things from the book in order to keep the time frame intact... As for a newbie - would you be my Mentor? ;)

    1. Oh yes another Angel trilogy potential reader! The great thing about the book is that the Angel is a girl instead of a guy for once. Nice change from all the human girls chasing Angel men!
      I agree though, the movies did go a bit down hill for me too after POA.

  4. Awesome :) I've finally managed to get my answers done here. I definitely need to track down my copy of Angel if the series is that good!