Friday, 31 August 2012

Get more out of your books...

Having finally had a break from work to stop by the blog, my colleague had introduced me to a new website... Small Demons.

To those not familiar with the website, it is a site that cross-references places, people, books, songs, movies, fashion brands, cars etc, all mentioned through books. It is for the curious minds of readers who notice the little things from time to time and want to know where else to find it... I have ready many articles about it online that state "it is the world inside of a book, revealed, it's also the world of books, connected." Once you register, you can pick your favourite books or look up places or songs mentioned in books. The great thing about it is that it links books together that share something....

For example, the iPod, which is known worldwide can be seen in dozens of books. I entered the name into the search tool and it came up with a list of books that reference it. From obvious books such as "Steve Jobs" to many many others including "Crossed" - J.F.Lewis, "Arcadia Falls" - Carol Goodman and "House Rules" - Jodi Picoult. You can find dozens of books that share the same products. It can honestly take you around an entire library of genres. Once you find things you like or books you love or would like to read, simply click the heart icon and it links to your storyboard.


To sum things up, the CEO himself, Valla Vakili said it best: "By tracing and connecting those details, we restore the cadence of culture. We lay down a path of discovery where your next song, your next movie, your next book — your next anything — comes from the stories you’ve lost yourself in, the writers you can’t get enough of, the characters you can’t forget".

So if you think this is something you would be interested to check out, visit the site here. If you are already using it or have any feedback, please share it in the comments below as I would love to hear what you have to say.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. That is really cool I need to check this book out(:

    I have awesome news: I've nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!

    Check out the post on my blog for the rules

  2. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing- I will be checking it out : ) ~ Jess