Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Harry Potter Shop!

For London shoppers and fans of Harry Potter, this is some exciting news. Harrods of London have opened up a Harry Potter shop only yesterday in their department store in Knightsbridge. I was very lucky to see the display on its first day while there wasn't a crowd and I got to enjoy walking around with sales assistants dressed up as Hogwarts students... I felt like I was in Diagon Alley.
It is several shops, including Olivanders, where you can buy your own wand and see all the wands from the movies. There are window displays with brooms and books. There are also stores with school uniforms (for Halloween if you like) and a movie set with lego sets, directors chairs and props from the movies.

If you can't make it to the store, below are a few photos to let you know what it's like. If you are abroad and would like to see more photos, do let me know and I can head back and take some more:


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    @Grace - no worries, i thought it would be mean to talk about it without photos :P

    - Kris

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    These are awesome pictures! I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan :D

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    I LOVE HARRY POTTER AND ALL THINGS HARRY POTTER!!!! I would love to see all kinds of pics! it is my dream to travel to london one day! I hope i can!

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  11. Thx for the pix!! Looks fun.

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  12. Thank you for posting these photos! I so wish I could visit these shops. I am a HUGE HP fan and this place looks likes something I would just adore. Now I have another place to add to my must visit list!


  13. Very, very nice!
    Do you have pictures of the harry potter props? If so, could you send them to me, please?


    I'd really appreciate it.
    Looking forward your answer.