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Review: Silence (Hush, hush)

Goodreads description:

"The Hush, Hush series has captivated readers with the story of Nora Grey, her friend Vee, and a mysterious fallen archangel named Patch. In the gripping conclusion of the trilogy, Nora finds that as things start to unravel around her, she is more drawn to the enigmatic Patch. She soon discovers that the answers lie closer to home than she realized, and it is time for her to take control of her destiny once and for all."

I am happy to announce that the third book "Silence" in the Hush, hush series has been released. I had been eagerly awaiting this book and managed to read it in a day.

This book was absolutely brilliant. After leaving with a cliffhanger in Crescendo where Patch and Nora were suddenly surprised with a guest attacker, I was unsure where this book would begin. Thankfully the story continues on where it left off, however instead of a boring play by play, author Becca Fitzpatrick spins it around a little bit and lead character Nora is brought back to us with amnesia. This book focuses on Nora's return after her abduction and the lead up to the battle between Fallen Angels and Nephilim, including the development of the key players of the two sides and the motives behind the need for a war.

For those readers who like Patch, he is a bit annoying to begin with in this book, however things turn around when you realise he only does what he needs to in order to protect Nora from further harm. Knowing Nora though, you can expect her amnesia and love for Patch is tested again in this book. As she is a teen, she did annoy me with her constant jelousy and bad calls.
While we did have a few characters leave us in the last book, you will be happy to know some favourites are back in action here, including Vee (although slightly different now) and Scott. We even see a whole collection of new villians!

Without spoiling the book, the ending was fantastic! A cliffhanger ofcourse, but a complete unexpected turn of events that not even I saw coming.
Becca Fitzpatrick shows the world and her readers how she really is an outstanding writer and you can feel the emotion and suspense in this book through her words.

While many of us did think there would only be three books in the series, a fourth book has been announced and will be released next year in the fall.

With a battle ahead, which side do you think Nora and Patch will take?

I adore this cover. In the first book we had Patch, in the second we had Nora, now we have them together as they are reunited and Patch stops at nothing to protect Nora, hence the carrying in his arms. It's a very dramatic scene by the water with one single red feather falling from Nora's hands. The lack of colour in this suits it perfectly well as the focus as the wings and feather are the focus of this image. Any additional colour would have taken away from it.

Final Comments:
I loved this book. I highly recommend it to any YA or paranomal romance readers, but be sure to read the previous two books so that the story makes sense. This book is less about the romance between Patch and Nora and more about mystery, history and the upcoming battle. If it was simply about their relationship, I don't think it would have been as good. Thankfully we were spared the lovey dovey teen romance for most of the time, but don't worry, if its the romance you want, the book still has it.

Release Date: October 2011 (Hardback)
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Childrens Books
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

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