Friday, 14 October 2011

Review: A Greater Love

This following is a guest review written by my mother.

A Greater Love – Olga Watkins with James Gillespie

A couple of months ago an online newspaper article caught my eye about a young girl so in love that she would ‘trapeze’ all over war torn Europe looking for the young man that inspired that love.  The next day in both my morning and evening commute the story received more coverage in our local press; I was intrigued and told my daughter about the story.  Shortly after, the book turned up in our home, I avoided it during the week but finally picked it up on Friday night, by Sunday I had finished the book.

A Greater Love is Olga’s story, a love for a young man that gave a young girl the strength and courage to move around Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Germany during some of the worst history that took place in that part of Europe.  You go from thinking poor child, so little luck and fortune at such a young age to naïve young woman to lucky and fortunate and all back over again several times over.  It’s a story of her love, what happened around her during that period in history, of the kindness of individuals when you least expect it.  

All in all an amazing story that like her love drives you to keep the pages turning.  Just when you breath that sigh of relief it’s oh no!  I’m glad she told her story and gave us an opportunity to read it. 

Final comments:
All in all a fantastic read, I felt like I was there beside her at times. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves history. I’m giving it 4 acorns because while it is an amazing non-fiction novel, you have to be interested in history and love stories.

Release Date: July 2011 (Paperback)
Splendid Books
Author: Olga Watkins with James Gillespie

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