Monday, 19 December 2011

Austen Week: Austen Authors

To start off the Austen Week, I thought I would begin with our modern day Austen Authors.

Austen Authors is a collective blog formed of popular published authors who publish Austen fiction. Some of which include Sharon Lathan, Abigail Reynolds, Monica Fairview, Cindy Jones, and Heather Rigaud. These authors do not just write fantastic Austen sequels, but they share their views on the Austen world through blog posts, events, giveaways and much more. Not only do they post, but they even engage with readers through their own blogs and the Austen Authors blog. I myself starting reading the Austen fiction after I had seen the blog. I have even sent a tweet to Sharon Lathan saying how much I loved her books and she responded instantly! They are a marvelous group of authors always willing to engage with loving readers, promoting their genre to the world.

So if you love Austen and would love to read some Austen inspired sequels or chat with the authors, then head over to Austen Authors, enter a giveaway, read a blog post or simply take a look at what sort of books they write.


  1. Thank you for the mention of Austen Authors. You have a lovely blog.

  2. Thanks. No problem Mary! I love the Austen Authors blog after all! :D It is a great idea