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Review: The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic

The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic (also known as Confessions of a Shopaholic)

Release Date: 14th September 2000 (Paperback)
Pages: 320
Publisher: Black Swan, Transworld
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Source: Purchased (Waterstones)
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Meet Becky Bloomwood, an irresistible heroine with a big heart, big dreams --- and just one little weakness... 

Becky Bloomwood has what most twenty-five-year-olds only dream of: a flat in London's trendiest neighborhood, a troupe of glamorous socialite friends, and a closet brimming with the season's must-haves. The only trouble is, she can't actually afford it --- not any of it. Her job writing at Successful Saving magazine not only bores her to tears, it doesn't pay much at all. Still, how can she resist that perfect pair of shoes? Or the divine silk blouse in the window of that ultra-trendy boutique? But lately Becky's been chased by dismal letters from Visa and the Endwich Bank --- letters with large red sums she can't bear to read --- and they're getting ever harder to ignore. She tries cutting back; she even tries making more money. But none of her efforts succeeds. Her only consolation is to buy herself something ... just a little something ...

Finally, a story arises that Becky actually cares about, and her front-page article catalyzes a chain of events that will transform her life --- and the lives of those around her --- forever.

I picked up a copy of this book after seeing the film Confessions of a Shopaholic. At first I thought it would be exactly like the film, however I was pleasantly surprised. For one, the book was completely different and far more enjoyable. I love that the book is based in England as opposed to the US, as I found myself at one with Becky. Living in London, I related to her on a whole other level, due to the fact that her fictional house is just down the road from me, I knew all the stores, streets and understood her need for fun and shopping. Our area is filled with stores with constant sales that entice you to shop even when you know you can't afford it. Sophie Kinsella definitely got this one right.

The book is absolutely wonderful and great for a light summer read. Becky as a protagonist, is full of energy and surprises. She obviously has a problem with shopping and it is up to her best friend Suze to attempt to restrain her. The great thing about this book is that there is always something going on, never a dull moment to make you put down the book. Whether it's trying to hide her spending habits from everyone or making up stories to get money from people to buy something, you honestly don't know what she will do next.

As the first book in the series, it is a great introduction to Becky's world. The entire novel is written from Becky's perspective which allows readers to get to know her really well, especially what is going through her mind when you get annoyed with her. We are introduced to her best friend, her fun loving parents and the ever so handsome Luke. Her relationship with Luke alone plays a large part of the story and gave me a great laugh. All in all the characters are down to earth and care a great deal about Becky, they are very easy to like.

While it does have a rather boring pink cover, the publisher has just released a new cover this year if it doesn't do anything for you. You can get the new cover here.

Final Comments:
As one of my first ever chick-lit books, it was extremely enjoyable and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an obsession with shopping or wants a fantastic light read. If you have read the series, you will be excited to know that the seventh book, Shopaholic Takes Hollywood is coming out next!


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  1. I read all the Shopaholic series but I can't remember reading this! =) will check this one out. Thanks for the review! I too can't wait for Shopaholic Takes Hollywood.