Friday, 23 September 2011

Friday's Five

With my little brother returning to university next week, I thought I would allow my brother to take over the blog and write his top five for the week. Plus, it wouldnt hurt to have a guys perspective on books.

Just a quick bio on my brother so that you understand his choices. He is a university student studying Automotive Engineering. He loves science, history, classics, myths, documentaries and video games, so expect books completely different to the ones I choose. He is very passionate about knowledge and discoveries.

If you would like to join in on Friday's Five, head over to Steph's Stacks.

1. Lord of the Flies by William Golding

This book portrays an Island as a microcosm of our world and if it were to be ruled by children. I love it because it makes you think of childhood and the outdoors, how your imagination would create something out of the ordinary.

2. Medea by Euripides

This is THE classic tale of a woman scorned. It is the original source of where that saying comes from. It is ingenious how she plots her revenge by using the people that are closest to her husband. I highly recommend it.

3. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy is about a mans adventures through heaven, hell and purgatory. It is such a classic that many things from today are based off this book, such as games eg. Devil May Cry and Dante's Inferno. There are also countless references to it in movies and other books.

4. A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

If you have ever questioned the beginning of time, if it could ever run backwards or possibly even slow down, if the universe is really infinite or if you have ever wanted to know what a black hole is, this book will cover all that and more. This book isn't just for the scientifically inclined, it's for everybody with a hunger for knowledge.

5. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

It's a beautiful story, with ups and down, sadness and happiness. It is about two friends; one who is mentally challenged and one who takes care of him. It is a true tale of friendship. If you are not one for sad stories, this may not be for you.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Never heard of any of these titles, except #5, so it looks like I need to look them up! What a great idea, letting your brother post on your blog! (Though my brothers never read, so I wouldn't do it! haha)

    Oh, and the first book in that series is called Vampire Academy (by Richelle Mead) :D

  2. I love it! The book blogging community needs more testosterone! Thanks, Kris' brother!

    I adore Of Mice and Men and love Lord of the Flies. I will have to say that I have been slacking on the classics and will have to work Dante and Euripides into the rotation (plus Hawking) to feed my brain a little.

    Great picks! Thanks again for joining Friday's Five


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  4. Thanks for stopping by new follower! =D

    LOVE Brief History of Time!! I can't believe I forgot that one on my Five. ><

    Great list! <3

    Also Divine Comedy is one of the best books ever!

  5. My brother sends his thanks, he appreciates all the comments. In fact he was pleasantly surprised.

    Sierra: thx, i will pick it up :)

    Steph: I agree, which is why when he has some free time i will get him to do some more. He says he cant be bothered to write a full review though,hehe.

    Lydia: Glad you liked the books. I agree Divine comedy is one of the best ever! I love all the illustrations too.