Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday's Five!

Last week, I took part in Friday's Five, a weekly list of five of my favourites, which has been started by the wonderful Steph at Steph's Stacks.

1. Emma by Jane Austen

Emma is one of my all time favourites. Emma Woodhouse is a smart and beautiful girl that comes from money. Her life has never been difficult as she is spoiled by her father and those around her. She takes joy in matchmaking, however for the first time in her life she realises people arent as simple as she imagined. Sometime what you need is in front of you, even if it could take you years to realise. Like in other Austen novels, there is a handsome and rich gentleman who can win a girls heart... Mr Knightley!

I approached this book with strong hesitation as I dont typically read science fiction novels. That was a mistake on my part as this was a rather fascinating read. It is the second book in a five book series by Doris Lessing who has a Nobel Prize in Literature. The great thing about this book is you can read it without having to go through the entire series.
For those who are unfamiliar with the story, it isn't a simple one. It tells a story of marriages, love, struggles and differences between men and women. Each zone is different; from militaristic, matriarchal to barbaric. Doris Lessing really is an amazing writer, creating a superb feministic novel.

3. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Yes I am a twihard and proud of it. For a teen book, this took the world by storm. Bella and Edward are this generations Romeo and Juliet. I think what works is that most teenage girls see themselves in Bella and can relate to her. The bonus is that there is a handsome teen looking vampire ready to devote his life to her..

I read this book as it came in a set with another book I wanted. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a great read if you want to get away from vampires and go back to witches. If you watched The Secret Circle last night, the book isnt exactly the same. Some of the story has changed. In fact, the story between Cassie and Adam is more complex and goes beyond the time she moved to live with her grandma. Her mother is also alive in the book. So if you loved the new tv series, I recommend you give this book a go.

5. How Football Explains The World by Franklin Foer

When I say football, I mean soccer, as in the round ball you kick. I picked up this book in Singapore when I was heading for a non stop 19 hour flight to Newark. This book is a bit of fresh air from what I usually read. It is written by an American Journalist and football fan. It gives you an insight into how one of the worlds most popular sports shapes behaviour around the world. If you love football/soccer I highly recommend this book as you will learn new strange and interesting things about fans and the sport.


  1. NEw follower! I just did the Friday Five on my blog as well:

  2. Sorry I'm such a slacker and I just got here to comment!!!! I saw your post on my phone on Friday, but couldn't figure out how to comment from there :) You know I'm an Austen (and Twilight) fan so I wholeheartedly stand behind your picks!

    I just watched The Secret Circle the other night (it was pretty good!) I think I'm going to have to grab this series (esp. if you recommend them :))

    See you next Friday!!!

    Steph's Stacks