Thursday, 22 September 2011

Vampire Diaries Series

For those familiar with the Vampire Diaries on television, you should have heard that it comes from a book series by L.J.Smith. The tv series doesn't follow the books word for word, in fact the characters are different and most of the events that occur are not the same. If you are fond of the tv series, there is a good chance you will like the books, however the books are a bit more out there than what you see on tv. I know I have found myself questioning the book at times as there is more magic than my mind can handle and some aspects just don't make sense. However it still is a great read and if you thought the triangle relationship between Damon, Elena and Stefan was bad, it is off the charts in the books.

At this point I have read all the Vampire Diaries books to date, all of which I will review in time. The first will be up tomorrow. For reference of books, these include:
- The Awakening
- The Struggle
- The Fury
- Dark Reunion
- The Return: Nightfall
- The Return: Shadow Souls
- The Return: Midnight
- The Hunters: Phanton (October 2011)
- The Hunters: Moonsong (March 2012)

It really is an exciting series and I look forward to its return on UK television. For now, only the lucky US fans will be able to watch on tv. In the US, viewers are getting ready for the second episode tonight, which looks amazing. I managed to catch the first episode and it is safe to say it will be one action packed season. I am a big fan of Damon and am happy I will be able to see more of him this season with Stefan on a terror rampage with vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus.

The promotional posters seem to explain the season in one look...

What do you think of the series (book or tv)?
Are you looking forward to The Hunters?

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