Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I have been waiting a long time to get my Pottermore email that lets me know I can finally log in, and low and behold, it arrived today!
I love the Harry Potter franchise; the books, movies, toys, music... everything! The day that Pottemore was announced I was extremely excited!

If you are one of the lucky people to be on Pottermore, feel free to add me. My user name is AshHallow84. If not, do not fret, it will be open for everyone very soon.

For those of you on Pottermore, what do you think? Do you love having the experience of feeling you are Harry Potter? I am about to get my wand and am still excited about what else could happen.
I would love to hear what you think about it all and if you have any tips for me or any others starting out today.

Below are screenshots from Pottermore... from my homescreen to purchasing my first wand at Ollivander's.

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  1. Congrats!I cannot wait to get my email. I am a HUGE HP fan and have been waiting for months. The site looks amazing and I am anxious to get in and check everything out!!!

    I found you through Book Blogs and signed up to follow you. When you have a chance- please stop by and follow the blog for my middle grade novel that I am hoping to get published. http://thesecretdmsfilesoffairdaymorrow.blogspot.com/

    Take care-
    Jess- although I may show up as Fairday, the main character from my novel. I can't figure out why that happens and I can't fix it. :)